About us & the team

We are open 7 days a week.

Serving the best thin crust Italian pizzas, tasty pastas, various specials including our signature Lionfish dishes, Lobster and Caribbean style Curries.

Our bar serves a selection of amazing cocktails, chilled drinks and wines in a fabulous atmosphere from 11am to 10pm (and later when the mood is right!)

Please see the Events Category for details of live music nights, happy hour times and other promotional evenings.

Owners Sue & Shayne are ably assisted by Donna & Sherry out front in the bar and on the decks, whilst the kitchen is manned by Alison, Melissa, Kendra, Camella & Kirsann.

2 Comments on “About us & the team
  1. Shayne….went looking for you in Jersey as i am there next week and where do I find you?!!!!! not happy that you keeping all the worlds best kept secrets to yourself!

    ok so the food looks fabulous and the view matches it!!!! how do i get there and when is the best time to come 😉

  2. Hi John,

    Sorry for not getting back to you until now, but have been really busy and not looked at the website for ages.

    Yes we made the move in October and have not looked back since.

    Flights to Grenada are the easiest way to get here and then either jump on the daily Osprey ferry or daily inter island flights with SVG.

    Best time of year is between December and April, but to be honest most of the year is good but once you get into May and the summer months it is quite a bit hotter and a more humid and September / October has most rain and tropical storms.

    Anyway, keep in touch, my email is lazyturtlewi@gmail.com

    All the best

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